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Thread: Resume Torrent From Bit To Azureus

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    [COLOR=blue]i just got azureus up and running but when i follow the guide on how to resume files from previous bit clients it dont reconize the files when i go to

    torrent file(no default save)
    then look up the torrent i can find the file its in and the info is there but cant see it cuz the find window only allows

    . torrent



    and i tried to make the (files of type) button at the bottom say (all files) like you usualy would but it only allows those two
    my last client was bittorrent if that has any thing to do with it i dought it though they still work with that fine not sure what to do and ive read so many forums to night i think my eyes are gonna dry up from being burned by the rays being emitted from the comp .:eek:
    damb comps if everything aint just perfect it aint gonna work [QUOTE]if its got tits tires or electronics it gonna give you problems

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    what the f@#k now my bit torrent program dont work that damb azureus must of disabled it I tried to open torrent from suprnova and it was like i had no torrent prog at all it asked me to save to comp or open there damb thing is tring my patience grrrrrrrrr


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    This is the biggest bug of azu.. you cannot resume downloads by other torrent clients using azu, and if you try, then these files will no more open with other clients.. however, try downloading a small file using just azureus... stop midway.. now try using another bittorrent client and it will resume the downloads (if pointed to the right location of the saved file and torrent)


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