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Thread: Are The 96,000 Users The Fake Filers ?

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    For a while now many KL users have been reporting that they only log on with 96,000 or 92,000 users.

    We all know by now that you can get around this by going File / Jump Supernode. But sometimes it takes quite a few goes at this to get up to our usual 2.5 million users.

    I wonder if these 96,000 users are the ones that have the fake MP3 files ?

    I wonder if there is anyway that KL can cut them off as users ?

    This would get rid of all the fake files in one easy go !

    Would this be possible technically ?


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    no infact its been said these low number users are the ones using KazaaLite...

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    Yes, you could use a connection monitoring program (or Window's NETSTAT even&#33 to see what Supernode you connect to. You may need to PAUSE all your unfinished downloads and turn off sharing to prevent confusing the supernode with your downloads/uploads connections. The supernode will probably be the only established connection while the downloads and uploads attempts will be in various close states if they don't successfully make a connection.

    Then ALWAYS block that supernode ip and probably even block an ip range.

    Chances are, they've (they=BSA/MPAA/RIAA) have poisoned the supernode lists used to connect!

    If in fact these are the Kazaa Lite users mini-network, you could prove that by a couple searches and downloads -- thus eliminating accidentally blocking a legitimate part of the network.

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    Originally posted by ROCKAMANIAC@11 July 2004 - 13:10
    no infact its been said these low number users are the ones using KazaaLite...
    what?? u eman tis for real sharman really succeeded on putting all the kl users on one supernode so they cant share?

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    as far as I know this problem occurs not just with the 2.44 core, but also with the new 2.6 core of the client, so this has nothing to do with using kazaa lite. plus, as far as I understand, this is rather a problem with the central supernodes that bind all small supernodes together than with the client. seems as if Sharman disabled their central supernodes servers which is the reason for the whole fasttrack falling apart in small parts.

    Those 90.000 supernodes are part of the overall network and do not SPECIFICALLY contain fakes (of course there are some, as usual but not all files are fakes). If you block them in your firewall, you'll miss them later when fasttrack normalises itself.

    P.S. The reason for Sharman's messing around with their central supernode servers is unknown. However, I'm pretty sure this has nothing to do with kazaa lite


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