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Thread: Download Bandwidth Question

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    I just installed KL 2.0.2 on a new PC. I have a cable modem.
    When I search for files... the files found have a DL bandwidth of either 1 or 49. The max I get is 49, even if there are mulitple users involved.
    Neither option is too appealing.
    I installed the "Speed Up" utility also, but it makes no difference.
    I ran KL on on older computer, before I purchased this new one.
    DL bandwidth was awesome then, especially compared to this.
    What am I missing?
    Any ideas on how to get my DL bandwidth up?
    Is my McAfee's Firewall causing the issue? It doesn't make a difference if it's disabled.

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    First download a newer version.

    Secondly a firewall should block or not block downloads, not play with your klite speeds. I would think a newer version would sort things out (and get a better firewall than macafee), since I seem to remember some irregularities with the 2.0.2 version.

    You can d/l Klite 2.6 or K++ (apples and oranges, but I use the K++ verision).

    Worth a shot either way.

    "We Love You SuperJude!"- the fans

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    Thanks for the recommendation SJ. I'll give it a try.
    Got some questions...
    ON K++ = Do you get hit with a lot of adware or spyware with that version?
    On Firewalls = Do you have any thoughts on which one is the best?

    Thanks again


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    Keep in mind that not everyone who is sharing has dsl or cable. You can only download as fast as their computer will allow.

    Also, I've found that if I'm running a search, or have a lot of things that are being searched for, it runs slower.

    I try to pause everything non-essential if I'm trying to download something large.

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    Originally posted by mercury728@14 July 2004 - 17:37

    ON K++ = Do you get hit with a lot of adware or spyware with that version?
    On Firewalls = Do you have any thoughts on which one is the best?

    K++ doesn't have any ad- or spyware in the software itself,but that doesn't mean that all the files you find on it are ad- or spyware free.
    Try to make use of verifieds as much as possible when dl'ing software.
    Also using verifieds for music and movies will help you in not getting fake or corrupted files.

    Firewalls=I use sygate firewall pro and it does a very good job imo.
    You can get the personal edition for free,or you can download the pro edition+serial on k-lite(or any other p2p)



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