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Thread: Blocky Video Problem

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    I use windows media classic and 6.4 (from I try to play avi files and they get all blocky and choppy with blocks forming on peoples' faces at random times and so forth. It's hard to explain but I hope you guys understand what I'm trying to say. I used AVIcodec and Gspot to check for codecs, and I downloaded and installed the necessary codecs, but still I get the choppy video and now my windows media 6.4 won't even play avi files.

    Can someone tell me what I can do to fix the choppiness and the avi files that won't work with win media 6.4?

    I used K-lite mega codec pack and installed ONLY the codecs I needed by what AVIcodec told me.

    I have tried using Divx player 5.1.1 for the avi files and it also gives me blocky/choppy video.

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    Try :
    Bsplayer @
    Videolan @

    If they don't work you have a problem I don't get this on the Pc but I do on my home dvix player with certain movies this is due to the newer programs about which are being used to encode them.
    AviCheck (@ ) tells me a better overall than gspot etc.

    The reason is "packed bitstream" meaning in AviCheck :
    VIDEO: XVID = From Van Heslsing (dvd rip)
    B-VOP:No = If yes I get what your getting on your Pc.
    S(GMC)-VOP:No = If yes I get a orange shadow to the right in the picture.
    QuarterPixel:Yes = If yes if won't play at all and I have to re-encode completly to which this got and now works like a dream.

    Anyways try the 2 players first before I get too carried away with this topic.

    You could also try Gordian Knot -- Downloads @ this I used to only put on the leastest XviD codec.

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    Hi! to everyone.
    I have Standard K-LIte Codecs and DivX player (and DivXcodec).Sometime is not possible to see all movies in AVI preview but when movie has been downloaded than is O.K. too see in DivX. But I donīt understand why I need MPclassic .It dont works.
    Witch one player is best for K-Lite codecs standard?
    ( I listen my musicfiles with Windows Media Player and sometimes I use it for see movies too. I like it.)
    The biggest problem I have with playing videofiles is that the sound comes later then the picture,WHY?
    Itīs graficcard or what? Soundcard? or codecs? or players? :helpsmile:
    please write my name beside your answer ,itīs not easy to now who is giving me answer.
    THANK YOU!!!!!!


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