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Thread: Kazaa Lite K++ 2.6.0

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    KaZaA sued KaZaA Lite K++ people for using KaZaA's copyrighted code (ironic, haa) so KaZaA Lite K++ production stopped after version 2.4.3 (i think it was). I recently searched google and found/downloaded a KaZaA Lite K++ 2.6.0. It looks identical to the previous version in every way, and I am not sure if it is a real new development, or if its just some loser in his basement posting a file with merely an updated version number. Anyone have any insight?

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    There is no 2.6.0 version of the K++ Edition.

    There is, however, a K-Lite v2.6.

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    its probably just a fake version...can u give us the site and maybe take a screenshot of ur so called K++ 2.6.0? thsi is how u take a screenshot...goto ur kazaa and find the button "print screen sysRq" on ru keyboard..should be in the section to the right of the backspace in the delete button section oron top of that section...then goto any software that can make pictures...also if u have none..then u should probably have microsoft paint..which everyone should have...on the software do "ctrl + v" which is the paste button on the keyboard...then the screenshot should be there..then save it and upload it so we can see it

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    OK i know how to take a screenshot dude.


    Now I just gotta find somewhere to host the image...

    (The Preview wasnt showign up right)

    And I think this is where I got it:

    Hmm whenever I click on that screenshot link, it starts to try to load my screenshot, but then sends me back to the Filesharingtalk forum homepage. Weird. Whatever, if that happens to you, just right-click on the link, select 'copy shortcut', open a new window, and paste that URL into the address bar.

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    Unoffical version, messed up settings, not reshacked properly. KMD 2.0.2

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    hahaha thanks man


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