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Thread: Rookiecrd1, Can You Change The Avatar Size?

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    If you look at the avatars that have a width of 80 px (the max size) there is still a lot of room to the right of the pic. That column of the table that the pic is set to 160 px wide.

    Could you change the settings of the avatar dimentions (Admin CP, Systems Settings, User Profiles) to 150x80?

    This would give us more creative room, we would use space that does nothing now, the max file size rules would still be enforced and page loads and server load would not be increased in any way.

    This would take about 60 seconds to do and I don't see how this could have any negative effect on the board. And if you don't like it, it will only take another 60 seconds to change it back.

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    here is a idea
    have a option to pay for a bigger av Paypal link to gain a bigger av
    maybe 5 bucks to be able to change your av to 150X100 or so...
    if you are really out for teh $$
    make people charge for a av, well maybe the noob's, let the OG klb people be grandfathered in

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    maybe 90x90 but 150x80 is to big

    and we have rules about the filesize of the pics. if we change the dimensions of the avatar people will have sig+avatars that are way bigger then the 100kb from the board rules.

    This was requested before to make avatars 100x100 but that request wasnt made final.

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    I said eariler that the size limit should remain the same.

    I also said eariler why I only wanted to change the width. A wider avatar will only use the empty space to the right. It doesn't stretch anything else out.

    And why does it have to be square? Its not an IPB limitation. I like to watch movies in wide screen not regular 4:3. Wider is better.

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    I dont see why not either...

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    I think anything over 80x80 makes the board look unprofessional and ugly.

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    Good point now that I think of other sites...

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    Why we need bigger images at all?

    ie. Why fix it if its not broken?

    "Its not the Size that matters, its how you use it"

    Spoiler: Show

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    Well it was just a suggestion and if no one else wants it then we shouldn't change it right?

    btw, since when have our avatars looked professional?

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    static hum
    nothing wrong with 100x100


    this post is guaranteed 100% parrot-free

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