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Thread: Soundblaster Drivers.

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    Afronaut's Avatar Xenu
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    Feb 2003
    Its not really a secret how crappy SoundBlaster drivers are.
    They do very little of fixing the issues on the drivers.

    A I reinstalled my XP, I found optional drivers for my old SB Live card.

    kX Audio Driver :

    The kX Project is an independent development project, focused on providing free WDM Audio Drivers for kX-Compatible sound cards. Read our Mission statement for a quick introduction.

    The kX Audio Driver is an independent WDM (Windows Driver Model) driver for all EMU10K1 and EMU10K2-based soundcards manufactured by Creative Technology Ltd. and/or E-mu Systems Inc., including the SoundBlaster Live! series, the E-mu Audio Production Studio (APS) card, and the Audigy / Audigy2 series of cards. (Full List).

    The kX Audio Driver package includes driver system files and setup files as well as a powerful audio mixer application (the kX Mixer), which acts as a Graphical User Interface, providing access to many of the driver's internal functions. The following features are either fully supported or partially supported in the latest release of the kX Audio Driver:

    Wave Recording & Playback
    MIDI Synthesizer (Soundfont-based) and MIDI UART In/Out
    DirectSound 2D and DirectSound 3D
    Full ASIO and GSIF support
    DSP Microcode Loading/Unloading
    Full AC97 codec control
    AC3 Software Decoding

    The kX Driver is FREE and will remain FREE. Please note that you can always encourage development by making a donation to the kX Fund. As one of our contributors has pointed out, if all satisfied kX users made even a very modest donation (say $10 each), it would go a long way towards deferring our costs and would further encourage development of new features (and elimination of old bugs).

    Certain parts of this site are available in different languages (see the buttons
    So, installed my card, booted to Safe Mode, installed the KX-drivers and rebooted.
    Was easy and painless.

    Its a good option for ppl who makes music with their PC and has compatible soundcard.

    Look kewl, and im about to check out how they work on recording.
    Atleast the latency got wayyyy smaller.

    Maybe i remember to post in here after sometime,
    just say my opinion of how they work on my Sloppy Puter.

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    Guillaume's Avatar Kentish old lady BT Rep: +8BT Rep +8
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    May 2003
    Do you know if it works with Sounblaster Extigy?

    I've got this crackling sound coming out of my soundcard and I've never been able to get rid of it!

    edit: ooops I should have :rtfaq: :-"

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    Snee's Avatar Error xɐʇuʎs BT Rep: +1
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    Sep 2003
    on something.
    Thanks for the link.

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    Afronaut's Avatar Xenu
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    Feb 2003
    I have yet to see how they work in action, and i mean while recording tracks like in Cubase etc.
    But them drivers work for normal audio just fine.
    Its like SoundBalster own drivers without the Crap, plus some really nice fatures in the mixer;
    -Set latency manually on ASIO driver
    -Reset Settings to default if things go tits up
    - Too much to add here cuz im lazy....

    And yes, i think they work for the Audigy series too.
    I got really old LIVE! card, not even surround or anything,
    and i have really slow PC atm too, AMP 750MHz Duron and a crappy MoBo,
    but when tuning it up, it works "almost" OK, he heh eh eh ehaaaargh..

    Anyways, just got me Aopen 4410 DVDRW, so im off to play with that.

    Im here just to look info about Firmware etc stuff....

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    Hey dudes,

    i use a cheap echo audio card and it seems to work.they arent that much more expensive than a soundblaster and they actually make them for audio. btw, thanks for the pm slinger.



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