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Thread: What Exactly Is A Gmail Invite?

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    OK PPL
    why is it that some ppl get to join GMAIL (how come???). and why do they get this 7 invites thing.....................HELP............!!!
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    ...they(Osama) are trying to invite as many people to their GayMail community...

    ...they are doing this by randomly giving away some of their GayMail invitations.

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    that was a "GREAT" help!!
    i'm not interested ion GMAIL very much (bcoz of the so caled rumours) but it gets irritating when ur friends keep teasin you................
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    its only beta at the moment which is why its invite only. The whole idea is for people to use it and report back to Google on how its working.

    Then people get invites to invite friends etc to use it so the number of users increases, but at a rate google can control.

    Just keep an eye open until some one posts with some invites.

    ps. its pretty good. I use my two accounts daily
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    ppl who got a gmail account are able to send invitation to family firends,etc.

    sort of a chain reaction

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    but how do those ppl get an invite in the first place???
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    Google gives it to you. They'll send you an email and there's a link at the top.

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    So in other words gmail means Gay male they just didn't know how to spell it right

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    on something.
    I got one once, got sent right to trash without passing go.

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    Originally posted by SnnY@13 July 2004 - 15:11
    I got one once, got sent right to trash without passing go.
    You trashed your invite

    I heard they stopped handing out invites because people were selling them on ebay.

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