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Thread: Want To Buy Ps2 Backups

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    Hi all, I can't really download backups sicne I'm only on dial up right now. Would anyone be willing to sell me backups, and which games do you have to offer.

    Just let me know your price and games avail.


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    PM sent

    This is funny though

    Need a cheap/easy way of modding your xbox? Check this out.

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    if you've got a dvd burner or hd loader, you could sign up for one of those game rental plans at blockbuster or hollywood video and copy games from them. sumfin' like $15-$20 per month, to have one game out at a time and exchange 'em for different games as often as you like. basically a netflix-style deal, 'cept you have to go to the store.

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    bad post


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