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Thread: Audio Encoder

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    I'm using TMPGenc to encode avi/divx file to MPEG 2 file, later using TMPGEnc DVD Author to burn the converted file. But when i try it w/dvd prayer, it only shown video image but no sound. It took me 48hrs to convert my download file to MPEG2, and it's quite disappointed to the end process. So someone enlighten me pls.

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    wow 48 hours! I imagine you are a little ticked off.

    I presume the original .avi had audio so it seems as if something has gone wrong with either the file conversion or burning process. I'm not sure what that could be as I don't know what exactly you did but if you have a look through this guide then perhaps you can retrace your steps and work out where it was that you went wrong and guard against it in the future
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    your audio could have been mp3 or ac3........if it is mp3 u don't have to do anything....but if it is AC3 u have to extract it that may have been the problem u r having

    this is a great guide that can help u convert avi to dvd

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    :helpsmile: TEMPNEnc window > Actually In the Stream Type I choosed ES(Video Only). Am I Did Something wrong? My Download avi.file is appx. 680Mb encoded to MPEG-2 Video>size:720x480 pixels>display 16:9>Frame rate 29.97fps>Rate control 2-pass VBR(VBR)>ave bitrate 6000>max bitrate 8000>Min bitrate 2000>Profile&Level-MP@ML>Vedio format NTSC>Encoded mode-Interlace>YUV format 4:2:0>DC Compoent preci 10bits> Motion search precision-Highest quality.
    : final encoding file size tremendously enlarged from 680mb>7.10gb(is it normal?)How to compress the file size to shoot dvd-r > 4.7G?
    What is the normal processing duration?
    What should i do to encode both the vedio & audio file.

    Thks for yr help



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