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    Looking for Ultima Online Lord Blathrons' Revenge or Age of Shadows... I know I can't play online cause but I just wann use it with this Server Emulator

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    Even if you have a copy that other people have, you can still play it online as long as it is not on the server that makes the game. A friend of mine gave it to me ( don't know where it is now, i will try to find it.) he gave it to like 10 other people and they all play on a server called paradise (but i think it is spelled diferently) you can find it on the net somewere.
    i will try to find the CD.

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    Yup, that's what I have planned =) Those are the emulator thingys, I just need the friends (or hash ) to be able to do that!

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    How you use that?

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    Originally posted by Soul_stealer@21 March 2003 - 17:33
    How you use that?
    The emulator? Well... download it, and scripts and stuff for it, And read the readme/ask on the forums =P once it's going, then it's pretty easy.... If only I had a copy of UO to do so =P

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    I need AOS as well...


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