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Thread: Video Player Diaplying Wrong Length!

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    it's like i've got a 200 mb file, and i know for sure that it goes for more than 10 seconds. but doesn't matter which program i try, it always says 10 seconds. and when i click on the seek bar, it actually helps, but still reports the wrong time. after the 10 seconds has been reached, it keeps going! this is quite annoying and inconvient, can someone tell me how to solve this prob?


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    is this only happning with one file?
    if so its probly got a bad header be happy it plays at all
    u could fix it by loading it up in Vdub and reincoding it

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    hi thanks for the reply.

    well, i have never had this problem until now, two files are like this!

    can u please tell me how to do this? re-encode through vdub?


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    I had this problem with a couple of mpegs. I never thought of reencoding them. I tried many players - Zoom Player, BS Player, WMP, Real One - but the only one that worked was Power DVD XP. I might reencode them now.

    Virtual Dub would be the program to use, step-by-step guide here.


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