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Thread: Do You Guys Know Any Good Web Hosting Offers?

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    you guys know any good cheap web offers? doesen't have to be great but just what you think is a good offer

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    overall I've been pretty happy with 1and1 (, though I got my package for free back when they started....
    but some of their more basic packages are cheap & have enough features.

    but I think when my thing expires there, I'd like to find a host where I have greater control...
    and I need more than one mySQL db. but I don't know...they've been pretty good. Only one time has my site been down for any significant amount of time, and they were veryresponsive to emails and explained the problem and got it resolved pretty quickly.

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    Haven't signed up yet (waiting for next pay check), but I've talked to people who use Entity and they all say it's a very good host. Not to mention the awesome packages/prices. :-)
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