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Thread: Movies Dont Work!

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    i have downloaded dreamcatcher and about schmidt and both movies are not work'n good for me! it plays good for 3 minutes then get choppy and loses sync they speak and then i see their lips move 1hr later! and it gets stuck! AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
    what the fuck is up with this!? can it be fixed ?
    whats the problem??
    has anyone else had this problem?
    I AM SUPER PISSY !!!!!!!
    sumwan please reply with sumtin !!!!!

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    i was'nt quite sure,which 1 of ur 3 post to reply to !! lol !
    it could be a few things causing ur problem,currupt file,bad frames ,codec problem!!
    u could tri and run the movie through somthing like divfix,avifix or
    some kind of processin tool like vdub-mp3 freeze and check 4 bad frames !!

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    either u haven't got the latest divx drivers - go download them, or your system ain't up to the job, try shutting down background tasks and also adjust the playback quality, dropping the video a bit might put it right

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    Why have you posted this 4 times in 4 different threads?

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    I pm-ed you, don't do that again pleas. deleted all the others. And merged the one with replies....

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    System resource issues, not damaged files is your problem. RAM is what you need, either make sure nothing else is running while you watch a movie (AND RESTART YOUR PC RIGHT BEFORE WATCHING) or install more RAM and a faster processer. The movies you watch will only be as good as your system, never better. Also use a viewer such as DIVX Lunacy or BSplayer, both use less resources than say WMP or others do.

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    I have the same problem with dreamcatcher but, it is only out of sync it dont freeze. I have all the latest codecs and my system specs r fine. Also, this is the only movie I have ever had be out of sync.

    AMD Athlon XP 2100+
    512mb ram
    Divx Player

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    Has anyone else had this problem, is it a bad encode? I would use Gspot to determine which codec is being used to play the video. Just because you have all the most recent codec doesn't necessarrily mean your pc is using the best one to play it.

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    Had a problem with About Schmidt. The picture would freeze (I only made it thru the first part) repeatedly after the first few mintues and then would do so again . I have a reasonably fast system and use BS player.
    Can someone help me with verifieds for "About Schmidt" - besides the one on fasttrackmovies......

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    dreamcatcher seems to have bad data according to vdub..well the file i dloaded did [part 1]...
    hard to say what the problem is these days with all the possible problems..
    we can only hope someone else with the same file can tell us if their file works fine all the way thru
    [tmd]dreamcatcher.(eso).ts.(1of2).avi 177,132kb


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