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Thread: Torrent Storm Questions

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    Sup peeps, I'm using Torrent Storm and was just wondering if anyone knows what UPnP is all about? In the drop down menu you can set this to "fast , slow , dissabled" Also, does anyone know what Manual annouce does for you? Any help would be mucho appreciated. Peace.


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    UPnP = Universal Plug and Play.
    It's used to automatically configure software/hardware firewalls and routers that understand UPnP codes -- which is pretty much all the new ones.

    This way, you don't have to mess with manually port-forwarding on a router.

    'Slow' would probably use the most complex but most likely to work method for getting a firewall/router unfirewalled for Torrent Storm. However it could mean you might be firewalled for a minute or 2 when Torrent Storm first starts a torrent.

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    Thanks for the info Switeck. Makes sense to me. I still need to know what manual announce is, and now also I need to know what " Super-seeder" mode is. The help section that came with my torrent storm is for an older version and doesnt cover these things I'm asking about. Peace.


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    Super Seed mode is for if you are seeding a file and you are the only one with it. It makes your client divide up the file between the peers, only sending a certain part of the file to onle of them and they have to share it with everyone else for them to get it. It's a way for the original seeder not to have to send the same information over and over again to differnt peers. Very handy.

    Manuel Announce forces your client to connect to the last know group of peers, handy just incase for some reason you can't connect to a tracker. Although it is in no way a sub for the tracker. It only really works if you had recent contact with other peers.

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    Changing into "super seed mode" after finishing a download on a poorly-seeded torrent REALLY helps get the file out to more people.

    But doing so immediately drops ALL connections except the one to the tracker.

    So doing a manual announce reconnects to most/all those hosts you just dropped so you have less downtime before you can start uploading to meet your 1:1 or greater 'kindness quota'.

    I usually have multiple torrents going at once but...
    If I have little else going on, I always upload at 70% or more of my connection's max speed even before the upload finishes. That way it takes me FAR less time to upload as much as I download.

    And my download speed decrease from uploading this fast as opposed to uploading at only 3-5 KB/sec is minor. On superfast torrents, I may only be getting 200 KB/sec instead of 220 KB/sec -- but I'll still be getting the file in any case because every time I've seen speeds THAT high the torrent had overkill in seeders and peers.

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    Hi all..I have a question I have been using Torrent Storm for a while now..And it has been working fine...I stopped using it for a while and now I am using it again..But now the downloads didn't work on Torrent Storm or they were extremely slow...Not like usual and now I use BitComet and the downloads work but they are to slow!!!....Does anyone know anything I can do?...They were never this slow before and I tried D/Ling the same files as I did a long time ago..Way slower..Any help would be greatly apreciated thanks


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