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Thread: Rpg Games (squaresoft)

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    So what RPG from Square do you like best?

    I can't decide on what to play...

    Honestly, I only enjoy RPG games but unfortunately I have never finished any of them... Hehe!! I try too much so I skip sometimes.. :">

    What RPG game made you want to play more or stuff... I mean which has a good story and etc... From Squaresoft.. No need for good graphics really.. I'm just looking for good replay value... hehe

    Some games were boring sometimes or is it just me? Hehe no need to answer that..

    Hey... maybe you could pick one of the games in this list and tell me what you think about it... any..

    1. Chrono Trigger
    2. Final Fantasy 3/6
    3. Final Fantasy 4
    4. Final Fantasy 7
    5. Final Fantasy 8
    6. Final Fantasy 9
    7. Final Fantasy 10

    --or maybe you could recommend one and tell me why you like it.

    Thanks to everyone who took the time to reply...

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    Final Fantasy 9

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    Note this is a REQUESTS forum
    NOT a General Discussion forum

    Wheres the moderators when you need them ? 0_o

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    Try Baldurs Gate 2. Dungeons and Dragons type RPG - but its a lot of fun. AVOID Elder Scrolls 3 - its sooooo boring, slowest game I ever played. Great scope to it - just wander around this huge world and do what you like - follow quests - don't follow quests, kill, steal, talk etc. You could roam the wilderness forever doing absolutely nothing.

    Anyway - yes - try Baldurs Gate 2.

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    Heh...Morrowind isn't boring in the slightest.

    If you chose to wander around doing nothing, well, that's your perogative.

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    Final Fantasy X is the best RPG so far.

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    Originally posted by Cronium@21 March 2003 - 06:37
    Note this is a REQUESTS forum
    NOT a General Discussion forum

    Wheres the moderators when you need them ? 0_o
    Out cleaning the rest of the board, can't get them all in a blink of an eye, use PM and notify us, others do

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    Why just RPGs from squaresoft?

    IMO Morrowind is the best!!

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    Originally posted by loscalbert@21 March 2003 - 08:02
    Final Fantasy X is the best RPG so far.
    FFX was not the best IMO. I think that there were to many videos. Although the sphere grid certainly was a cool new way to level characters.

    Many consider FFVII a classic and say its superb but then there are many others who say they're all exagerating. I liked it but wouldn't say superb.

    I didn't play VIII.

    IX is quite fun. I really enjoyed the card game. I found the way abilities were setup a little annoying though.

    I didn't play VI, Chrono Trigger, or IV.

    If you can get FFV I suggest it. I really enjoyed it. The job system is cool.
    *Spoilers I suppose*

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