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Thread: Moosoft - The Cleaner

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    Sup peeps, I was just wondering if anyone had a serial for Moosofts "The Cleaner" that they could PM me. I've got serials for mega shiznit if you happen to need one as well. Maybe we can do a tradezy Thanks in advance. Peace.


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    We can't post serials, so I'll PM it to you.

    However, there is a little detail to know, the serial works only if you prevent the program's access to the net (block cleaner.exe, but let moolive.exe access the internet). Any decent firewall will do the trick.

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    This is gonna get close, but, check out my website, it might be there.

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    Wow that was quick. Thanks a bunch Gurahl. Crono that website of yours has got "Burn me" written all over it. Thanks but no thanks amigo. Peace.



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