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Thread: Rubbish Speeds

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    I've been trying for a week to speed up my bittornado. I have searched through google and every forum I can find but to no avail.

    When downloading I have a green light plenty of peers/seeds but am chuffed to bits if d/l speed stays at 3kbs (normal is 0-1, mostly 0). Upload averages at about 10kbs.

    I have forwarded all ports and allowed program to act as a server through zone alarm but still nothing.

    The only things I can think of is a may have put the wrong IP address in the box when forwarding ports (Ihave tried my ip and the gateway ip, sorry dont know the diffrence)

    Or it could be something to do with my ISP which is NTL Broadband. I have e-mailed them 3 times asking if its something to do with them but have received no reply.

    Any advice would be very, very, very much appriciated.

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    zone alarm maybe your problem.

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    Disable Zonealarm for the time being, and check your results.

    ~Digital Nirvana

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    Originally posted by Digital Nirvana@14 July 2004 - 03:07
    Disable Zonealarm for the time being, and check your results.

    ~Digital Nirvana
    Bravo! But you could just as easilly have cut and pasted that, saved the time..

    "We Love You SuperJude!"- the fans

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    Originally posted by SuperJude™@14 July 2004 - 03:53
    Bravo! But you could just as easilly have cut and pasted that, saved the time..


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    Ta I will give it a go but should I not have some sort of firewall?

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    after 43 minutes without zonealarm d/l speed is 1 u/l is 7.

    I am connected to 17 peers and 5 seeds, although on suprnova it says there are 300 peers and 30 seeds???

    Light is still green.

    D/l speed has now dropped to 0 (again)

    Anymore ideas??

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    well u have ur router , that'll do to be honest
    u obviously have port forwarded correctly else u wouldnt get the green
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    I&#39;m now looking into the router thing and am getting no reply from ntl .

    On most guides its telling me to put my default gateway ip in address bar. Mine is but all i&#39;m getting is the page cannot be displayed script.

    Has this got anything to do with me being in the u.k.???


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    Can&#39;t help directly but here is some background that might help.

    I&#39;m in the UK and clipping along at 80ks per second.

    I don&#39;t have a firewall (except XP), I&#39;m not on a network so port forwarding is not a problem and I do have 1meg ADSL courtesy of Nildram - what level of broadband do NTL provide you with?

    If its their 175 then 28ks is your probable limit, 600 and you should peak at about 75.

    The demand for a file, the speed of the available sources and the number of files you are downloading/seeding can also be factors that affect your speed.

    One final point - your upload speed can affect the download -I find I get the best results if I set it to one sixteenth of my total eg for 256 it should be set at 16ks.

    Good luck&#33;
    When all else fails - read the instructions!!!

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