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Thread: Uharc

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    Does anyone know how to compress a whole directory (including subdirectories) with UHARC.

    This is what I do: UHARC.exe -a something.uha c:\something\*.*

    But with this it only compresses the files that are in that directory, not the subfolders. Can anyone help me out with this?

    I think this is the same with any command line based compression utility.

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    does`nt Winace support Uharc format. You can try that.

    Also try UHARC.exe /? and see if that helps.

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    do you really need to use UHARC?

    the 7-zip format does the same job and has a (relatively) nice interface

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    * If there are no files specified at all, all files ("*.*") will be processed (use "-r" to recurse subdirectories).
    Try -r and not -a ( UHARC.exe -r something.uha c:\something\*.*),well thats how it reads to me.


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