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Thread: Generals-iron Storm? Bad Files Or Bad Download?

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    OK, I grabed mafia,unreal2,alien v.s predator with no problems. The last two cc-generals and iron storm both burned fine but had errors in the cab files. Could this be because of Kazaa jumping supernods?? or are these files bad?? I am getting frustrated because it seems Latley things are not comming down as fast as they use to.

    Just need some advice if anyone else had these problems, or advice on Kazaa jumping supernods which can cause corruptions in these files.

    thanx much.

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    The Generals and the iron storm files are most probably corrupted...(or they might need some special settings when U burn them to a CD) this happens a lot on Kazaa, U'll probably have to re-downlaod, but use a hash, they tend to be less is not neceserally because of jumping supernodes, but that MAY cause the file to become corrupted. If U can't get a good downlaod, try usually has less corrupted files B)

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    yeah both the C&C Generals bins are corrupted....

    try the 185MB takes a while to uncompress and has no music, but its still fun......

    don't have the hash, i'll try and find it....

    if u want to play them online, go out and buy the game, cause u won't find any real CD keys here.......

    jumping supernodes shouldn't have any effect cause ur d/ling the exact same file.....same hash and all....

    EDIT: heres the hash.....

    File:Command & Conquer Generals (by KillaJ).exe
    Length:190105500 Bytes,185650KB


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    Thanx a bunch, I was hoping it was the files and not Kazaa messing up. This Is the real first trouble I have had getting games and it is just these two.
    Thanx again to all that responded.

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    d/l the hash for C&C Generals and the game runs and works great!!!!!!!

    Pretty ok game though my expection of the game was pretty high, nothing ground breaking but still alot of fun.

    May take others a higher end video card to run, but runs fine with no chop on my ati 128 meg pro.

    thanx again to everyone who helped.


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