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Thread: Movie Files Stuttering

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    Just downloaded Eurotrip and while the quality is very good (i think its a dvd rip), the whole file basically stutters. Audio is fine, just the video. Noticed the same thing when I previewed on kazaa lite, a partial download of the latest harry potter. I'm thinking I don't have the latest xvid or divx codec installed? Any help is appreciated!

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    I'm guessig it is your pc specs, for some reason, all xvid videos do the same as you for me. Normal DIVX as far as I can remember do not do that. I have retried reinstalling the codec, and no luck. It could be you GFX card.
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    Try using VLC (videolan) player - it uses its own codecs, and is not very demanding on system resources

    available free from here

    and/or update to the latest codecs - link at top of page
    remember to uninstall the old ones first

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    I have had this same problem with AVI preview
    I just learn to ignore it. When the download is complete I use Video Lan
    And every thing work just fine.

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    What I got within Kill Bill Vol 1:

    If the movie is choppy, go to** and download "Gordian Knot Codec Pack 1.6" and update your XViD codec, the same goes if you don't have any sound, then install the AC3 codec.
    Never had a shutter after this was installed in other words you need the leastest Xvid codec to which this installed.


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