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Thread: Let's Have A Sweep

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    How long do people think the first british soildiers will be victims of friendly fire by the Americans

    I don't mean accidental death. I mean shot, bombed to death by American Incompitence
    It's only a matter time, we all know it

    Please post Guesses only ther are plenty of topics for ANTI/pro war comments

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    I Guess

    Monday 24th March @ 20:00 Hrs GMT

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    This is just a post to bash America plain and simple.

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    ** Closed.... To many complaints... **

    Guys and girls...

    Just all let's pray for all out there... Iraqi's ... British.... Americans.... that they will survive in good health.

    They are all humans.... No One deserves to die for this...
    So just all pray it will be over soon without many people dead.....

    Even if your for or against this War........ For that discussion it's to late now.


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