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Thread: Download Progress

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    for nearly a week every download i've selected never connects even when i leave the computer running for hours on end; they just keep 'searching' forever. i know that it can't be because not a single person is online.
    does anyone know how to correct this problem? i really want to be able to watch that third inuyasha movie!

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    Try these seq.
    1. Search for the file for 4 min
    2. Download begins
    3. Search more (leave it on automatic) for 15 min
    4. If youre using K++ with tools: change the accelerator options (to 30 kbps) and the max sources (to 40).

    Kazaa will accelerate the download if it is lower than 30 kbps and\or search for more sources if your current download is using less than 40 sources.

    I changed to this configuration, you can change to yours... Of course that if the file is very rare there is no solution to speed the download,


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