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Thread: Spider-man 2

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    I downloaded Spider-Man 2 for the Pc and releasised its the kiddie version and now knowing the PS2, XBOX, GC version is the real version i want to play i want to get it. Only problem is i dont have an Xbox or PS2. I have a gamecube but its not modded or anything and the discs are all different. I know i can get the game from Suprnova, Torrentbits and other places i just want to know if there is a stable Emulator that will emulate one of either PS2, XBOX or GC that i could play it on.

    My specs are:

    2500 Barton
    geforce 4 MX 128mb
    512mb ram



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    Nope. Dolphin is a GC emulater that looks promising. Its not ready for use though. No good/working emu for ps2 or xbox will be out til next gen of consoles.
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    Why do people post GC torents on Suprnova then if you can't burnt hem aand there no Emu for them .


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