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Thread: Internet Explorer Security Settings

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    ok i hink that something is wrongwith my internet security settings because there are a lot of pagesthat i cant view like and and worst ofall i cant even view google. wats up with that. so if anyone knows how to corrrect this please tell me. thanks.

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    what do u mean you can't view them...

    page cannot be displayed?

    blank screen?

    some sort of error message?

    what browser?

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    well, hmm weird all of a suddden google works, that doesnt make sense. well anyway your right i was so inspecific im sorry, when i try to get into my hotmail account it doesnt work i get that " page can not be displayed" sign. so im confused. this isnt my pc its my aunts she asked me to fix it well now i need your help lol, well anyway the browser is internet explorer.thanks for your help.

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    scan for adware/spyware
    then do virus scan.
    then do hijackthis and post log
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    NIS (any version), at it's default settings level (the settings it had when it is first installed), should not interfere in any way with your browser save for disabling page pop-ups and advertisements. Nor would any program cause NIS to change those settings on it's own.

    However, during those first times after installing NIS, you should encounter a number of warning messages that is asking you for your preference in the way NIS handles traffic for certain internet-enabled applications. The wrong choice made during one of those prompts, which is easy to make if you are new to understanding how internet traffic works, will cause you a world of grief later down the road when you go to use that application.

    It is just a settings error, if that is the case.

    From NIS's main control page, go to "firewall" or "security", then look for the options that allow you to control how NIS behaves towards each internet-enabled application. You can perform a "scan" on this page that will search your system for internet-ready programs and from there choose how NIS reacts to it. On your firewall screen you want to choose a "medium" level of security. Anything higher than that is overkill, IMO, and will literally halt most of your legitimate internet traffic.


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