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Thread: Dvd Movies

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    I downloaded a movie, its separted into two 700 MB files..i dunno what kinda file it is tho, but in the property, it says DIVX there a way i could put these files together and burn it to a DVD?? so there wont be separation in the middle....

    also, i never burned a DVD before, in order to burn DVD movies, what do i have to do and what do i need? do i have to get em all to a special type of file and encoding?? i downloaded dvdshrink, decrypter, and TMPGEnc...but i dunno what to do...i have some files that are MPG, AVI, and divx i guess...and how can i put more than 1 movie on a dvd?? ive never done this and im there some guide on burning movies or can someone tell me how to do it?? thx alot

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    Install and try out NeroVision2; it's a real cynch to put a DVDVideo disc together with it and it handles most filetypes including QT movies, I think even DivX/Xvid but I'm not certain about it.
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    try reading some of the tutorials at this website...

    it may be a bit more involved then you realize 'cause your are working with compressed audio and video. several steps may be required to create a DVD.

    good luck with it...


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