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Thread: Torrent Files On This Site...

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    I just posted this in the topic "Private File Library At Fst?, Considering it", created by the admin. of this board. The whole topic can be viewed at

    I just wanted to see what others that may only haunt this section of the the board think about it.

    Here was my post.

    Just allowing torrent files on the site would be great!

    It would definitly increase traffic to the forum. With the decline of Kazaa this place has hit a brick wall in term of growth. And with things getting worst, many users are moving on to other things. This could be a chance to give this place the nich it needs to bust through the roof and really stand out. There are really very few big well know torrent sites. The only ones I can think of off hand would be suprnova. org,, and the It would be competeing for a large market share with very few competitors. And torrent files are 100% legal here in the states, because all they are only text files.

    Setting up a tracker would be really easy. Just a couple lines of script, and it's non-copyrighted material so nothing to pay there. However, you would be talking about setting up a fairly powerful server and a nightmare when it comes to bandwith (at least if we are talking about a good number of torrents). But, members could very easily host their own torrents. Like I said, a tracker is no problem to set up, and at least one of the more popular clients (Azureus) has a built in tracker.

    Something to consider.

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    Very good reason why there are so few BIG sites, they are the ones that know the legal loopholes, if ya wanna get into this stuff then talk with the guys that run these sites, DO NOT try and start a site without advice, it might be great to start with but you'll prob end up in court with some legal eagles tearing you to bits!

    Not trying to put a downer on ya, just pointing out the legallity for you.


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