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Thread: Problem Installing Thisng With Clusterknoppix

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    Ok i downloaded clusterknoppix and it runs from cd.

    When i try to install a program called avidemux, it asks for root password but i dont know it and the only time it asks for it is when i want to install something.

    Anyone know if their is a default password for clusterknoppix ?

    The reason im using clusterknoppix is because i want to set up a cluster computer just for converting things that take too long on one computer.

    the pc's im using as a cluster is

    xp2400+ 512mbram
    xp2000+ 512mb ram
    1.3ghz duron 512mb ram
    667Mhz 128mb ram
    400mhz 128mbram

    Also, would anyone know some programs i could try out on the cluster ??

    I have been looking on google and i cant find shit.

    is their any programs like Openmosix for windows ??

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    4play's Avatar knob jockey
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    5,530 works pretty well but can be a bit of a pain to install.

    here is a nice guide but you have to register (free) to view it.


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