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Thread: Network Games

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    I have just installed a small home network and it is great you get to split the internet, share drives and printers.

    But by far the biggest bonus is the fact that i can play my brother at 2 player game. I spent about 12 hours showing him how to play age of empires 2 last night and i am wondering what other games would be good.

    I have quake 3, warcraft3 and aoe2 but what else is good. any suggestions?

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    Counterstrike is good

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    Jedi Knight 2


    Unreal tournament

    Red faction

    Soldier of fortune 2

    These games are quality on multiplayer... Also if you share your internet connection between the 2 computers then you could go online and play as a team with other people

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    *points up* ignore what that guy said about Counterstrike....worst waste of video game space ever....


    if you want to play what could end up being a very very long game, get Empire Earth...thats a fun RTS game

    Dungeon Siege can be fun, if you are in the right mind set....

    look around, there are games all over the place...

    even a multiplayer version of GTA3 for the PC...

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    with only 2 players ...

    about all Car games are good

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    Quake 2 and Serious Sam both have 2 Player Cooperative mode. I think No One Lives Forever 2 does as well, but I'm not sure about that.

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    need for speed, no one live for ever and more staff...

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    i would say counterstike with PODbot or day of defeat (another Halflife mod) with sturmbot

    me and my brother think PCs are crap really, and prefer the ps2

    and a note on sharing files on the network - don't share the whole drive when you go online, i did that it just asks for trouble
    The Sexay Half Of ABBA And Max: Freelance Plants

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    I would reccommend Operation Flashpoint by codemasters, pretty good fun in co-op mode over a network, especially if you design your own missions. a good open ended game where you can do pretty much anything you want

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    yea I got a home lan i play with my little brother, 1 on 1 is fun for about 2 days. what you need is co-op games i highly recommend

    battlefield 1942, (and road to rome) -

    raven shield -

    Medal Of Honor Pacific Assault - COMING OUT SOON

    if you haven't got first person shoot em up you haven't got shit.
    -*- stay away from what the other knobs said-*-

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