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Thread: New With Kazaa ++ And Need Help

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    Hi I'm new at using Kazaa ++ and need some help on figuring out what the symbols mean and deciding which file to download.

    First, when the files are listed there are symbols on the left hand side, I recognize the Windows media player, but no the others. Does it matter which one i choose to download?
    Secondly, there are so many choices for one track, I don't know whick one to pick. Do you look at size, bandwisth or wuality. Which one will allow me to download it faster, and how do I know if it's the complete song, there are times it's just the first minute of a song.

    Any help or advice you can give me is appreciated.


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    Sorry, I forgot to mention I have version 2.40.
    If I need to upgrade this where would be the safest place to do that from?

    Thanks from the newbie

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    If you searchung for MP3's then you'll see your default media player icon next to the file, and the others follow the same path.

    When selecting a file to download, select the one that looks like its the right file size, and the one that has the most sources.

    ~Digital Nirvana

    [edit]-Download 2.4.3, the last offical version of K++ here

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    Hi Irq

    Some easy tips:

    Move the cursor over the line with the file in the Search window to see some more details.

    Check type of file. Download only MP3-files. Skip WMA files.

    Check Quality. 128 or more (higer number gives, in most cases, better sound quality).
    Check Bandwidth. The higher the number, the more likely to get the file (even though the experts will maybe disagree on this).

    You will find fake or corrupted songs if You look for the most popular songs, but if You get one of those, just delete it from Your Shared Folder (so that it will not be spread to others) and try download from other users. This will not be a big problem, even though some people complain and make a lot of fuzz about fake songs... You will find what You want, be sure.

    The network can be quite slow during "rush hours", when there are around 3 mill users.

    Keep ASM (Auto Search More) on for a long time if You're looking for a rare song. You will find it, but it can take a long time. (You can actually keep it on all the time to prevent Kazaa to get stuck on a "sleeping" supernode)

    There is no reason to keep the most popular songs in Your Shared Folder, because they are so easy to get anyhow. But it would be nice of You if You keep rare songs in Your Shared Folder. Then You will make other users happy.

    This is my two cents on easy tips, and now I'm sure the experts soon will tell you more!


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    Oh, and I would recommend upgrading, NOT to the one that Digital Nirvana said, but this one, HERE Since this one is more updated yet stays with the origonal Kazaa Lite K++.

    One thing you should know, download only MP3s for music, and AVI for movies. And after you finish your downloads, remember to scan them with a antivirus before opening them since there are a lot of virus on the net.

    When downloading MP3s, make sure u run MP3Shield along side so you dont risk downloading fakes. (MP3shield basically blocks the fake mp3 music from being downloaded, its included in the version i showed you.

    If your behind a router, use KaNat or portforwarding.
    blah blah blah... whatever...

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    yea go with 2.4.5 off of nsane or something

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    This is great, I didn't expect all of the responces to a newbie with basic questions.
    Thanks everyone for your help and suggestions, this should make my searches and downloads easier.
    I'm sure you will hear back from me if I have any other problems.



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