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Thread: Sets Mode "--"

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    Hey guys, im wondering sometimes when i join a channel it automaticly set mode to +i or nvisble r whatever and then i cant type or see any typing in the channel, very strange becuase how do u change it to +v (voice) ?

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    ops need to give you voice

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    Well all +i means is somebody set the room to invite only. The mode that necessitates +v (voiced) is the +m or moderated mode, used to shut up lamers and spammers since only people with +v or ops can then chat.

    Best bet? Just ask an op like CPU1 said. Of course never beg for +v or ops on an irc channel, but just be honest that you would like to chat, though you need to assume there is a reason somebody set modes to be what they are.

    You need any irc advice just log into #KLchat on the server.

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    alright thanks guys youve been a big help


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