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Thread: Cable Modem(comcast Help)

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    My friend has been having problems with his Cable Mode. He has tried everything to fix it! Went to the site, did all the trouble shooting things and everything, but still nada. The problem is..... Some days his cabe modem provides internet access or another words works!!(But its slow) Most of the time he has no internet or it doesnt work. He has tried to re start the Cable Box and everything but still nothing. Can someone give me some advice?? By the way, he did call Comcast and they told him they are having problems in that aread but I live right near him... (lol) So they didnt help at all..... Anyone have any ideas?

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    did your friend get the modem from his ISP, or is it one he bought himself?
    if he bought it, you usually have to tell your ISP your mac address...but if that's it, it would probably never get a connection at all.
    anyway, it sound like he's not being issued an IP address at all, or some settings are wrong.
    Probably the best thing to do is just call Comcast and have them send someone out.

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    i don't get what you mean by "re start" his modem. i suppose you mean unplugging it from the wall and plugging it back in.

    get your ISP to send a tech out. a service call should be a part of your monthly fee.
    (at least mine covers service calls)

    and, it doesn't matter whether its' your own modem or a leased one.

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    Originally posted by harrycary@18 July 2004 - 18:33
    i don't get what you mean by "re start" his modem. i suppose you mean unplugging it from the wall and plugging it back in.
    You don't have to manually unplug a modem or device to accomplish what a restart would.

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    Tell them to send you a new modem.. that will usually work

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    too many possibilities just call the cable guy to come in and check the lines, if it's not that they'll give u a new modem.


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