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Thread: Limewire Pro 4.1.1 Beta

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      2. Better search results. Each search shows at least five times as many results as previously.
      3. "What's New?" feature. Users can browse the network for the most recent content additions.
      4. Search drill down results. Searches in LimeWire now immediately display the artists, albums and other information that fully describes files.
      5. Faster connections on start up.
      6. Proxy support.
          Users can now use web proxies to route their downloads to protect their identity.
      7. A new search progress bar in each search tab that indicates the percentage of completion of a search.
      8. Detection. When the Internet connection is down or a firewall is blocking access to the Internet, Lime Wire will inform the user.
      9. Support for International searches and International groups. Users can now search in any language, and LimeWire ensures that a user will be connected to other users with their own language to aide international users to receive search results in their native language and to find content from sources that are close to home.
      10. Improved downloads. By excluding the bad file sources, we rapidly make use of all the good sources for faster and more reliable downloads.
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    Nothing personal there DN but I really didn&#39;t like Limewire for PC, though maybe the newer version will work better?

    Me and some friends film and use Mac to edit and I always found Limewire to be stable fast and with less crap files. The speeds on Limewire for PC were nothing to really talk about, never getting above 10+kbs. And yes, I tried it out for a couple days too to make sure.

    It slowed down other apps too.

    Upside? Not one fake (and I downloaded a decent amount of stuff). If speeds were really improved I would use it in an instant, just to spare the fake music files, but at the speeds I was getting last weekend, I may as well have been on dial up (like the users I was getting from undoubtedly).

    We have gotten a LOT of files (off the Mac ) from Limewire over the last couple years and I know the thing works, just a little shaky on the PC version due to speeds and the fact that other apps seemed to load slower (most noteably Internet Explorer).

    Perhaps it&#39;s worth another try depending on when this most recent build was completed.

    "We Love You SuperJude!"- the fans

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    I dont know much about Limewire, hell i dont even use it...I posted it for anyone that wanted it.

    ~Digital Nirvana

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    LimeWire is the shit, that&#39;s my opinion. But I don&#39;t know where people get off saying that it&#39;s slow, on my friends ADSL 384 down/128 up, he gets about 45 Kbps, and on my 56K, I get a steady 5 Kbps, which is good for dial-up.

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    Alright, just noticed something in this 4.1.1 Pro beta, it has Direct Connect, just thought this could be usefull for verifieds and such.

    Originally posted by LimeWire 4.1.1 Pro beta

    Got Friends?

    Enter the IP address of a friend you&#39;d like to connect to, click &#39;Direct Connect&#39;, and LimeWire will try to browse the files of that user.


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