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Thread: Glen Danzig Gets Knocked Out

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    Here's are a few links to Glenn Danzig getting knocked
    the #### out by North Side Kings singer Danny Marianinho.


    In case you don't know what went down,
    Danny Marianinho released the following
    statement about what went happened that

    Before crazy rumors begin to spread I would
    like to explain what happened:

    "NORTH SIDE KINGS (web site) were to play with
    DANZIG last night in Tuba City, Arizona. To make
    a long story short the whole show was a disaster
    and a few bands got
    bumped off. Mr. Danzig
    (or his management??) refused to push back the original
    scheduled time slot so NORTH SIDE KINGS and
    RAPID FIRE would have to play 'after' his set.
    Whatever we agreed to play later because
    we drove 6 hours and didn't feel like going
    home without playing.

    "Needless to say, as soon as DANZIG was finished,
    the venue turned on the lights and DANZIG's crew
    and the staging company began to take the stage
    apart almost instantly. I confronted Mr. Danzig backstage
    while he was signing autographs and told him
    I thought he was an ####### because of his
    'rock star' attitude and no consideration towards the
    FEW other bands that got bumped off tonight. In
    a fit of rage he turned around and slammed me
    into the wall yelling '#### you, mother####er,' trying
    to be a big, tough guy in front of his fans. I, in
    self-defense, punched him in the face, knocking
    him out as he was attacking me again. He went
    down, bleeding from his mouth, eyes rolled back,
    and in shock that he got knocked to the floor so quickly.

    "A friend happened to tape the entire incident and
    this is all documented. Many witnesses saw him
    attack me, and I did what any man would do.

    Danzig finishes up close to midnight. We're getting
    ready to throw everything up on stage. The Venue
    turns all the lights on. Turns off all the power amps
    (which you can't just flip back on on a PA like that).
    The PA starts to be taken down and everyone leaves.
    So, we're backstage in this huge hall. Some kids had
    snuck back there and were getting pictures with the
    band members. Danzig came back and started giving
    autographs and taking pictures with people while this
    was going on.

    So, I can see Danny just steamed up. He walks up to
    Danzig and shakes his hand. He tells Danzig that we
    drove 6 hours to play this show and that it was ridiculous
    that we couldn't play. Danny asks him who does he think
    he was that he couldn't push his set back an hour to let
    us play. Danzig asked him why we didn't go play right now.
    Danny tells him that the crew was taking down the PA
    and all the kids have left. (Now Danny was not yelling,
    was not getting in Glen's face, and was not even being
    a dick. He was just posing this question to Danzig.)
    Danzig replies with "#### you mother####er!" and
    pushes Danny as hard as he can. Danny sprung back
    with a big hook right to Danzig's face while screaming
    "who the #### do you think you are putting your
    hands on me!". Danzig goes down like a sack of
    potatoes. He's bleeding from his mouth and is fully
    stunned. A couple of these "security guards" push
    Danny back. He screams "that was some self
    defense shit bitch!" I was laughing so loud, and
    Dan Fox screamed "YEAH!!" and turned his amp
    up louder and started ripping solo's. Danzig had
    no idea what to do. the security guards picked him
    after a good forty five seconds and ran him to the
    We thought we were gonna have to fight the whole town.
    But the people that saw it knew that Danny didn't start it.
    That was the best part. Danzig assaulted Danny! haha.
    The video camera was hidden as soon as possible. An
    ambulance came over to the bus. There was cops there
    at the show, and none of them ever even talked to Danny.

    Basically, the guy was just talking to Danzig and had
    the right to be bummed out, and Glenn was out of line
    for telling him to #### off and shove him for no real
    reason. But Glenn is a well documented prick and
    finally had somebody bitch slap him. Looks like new
    Metal Moment for the next VH-1 special!

    Our official Metal Sludge verdict is that the punch
    was justified. Case closed.

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    where is FC, did he leave for good

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    Mathea's Avatar The Blonde Alibi BT Rep: +5
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    Feb 2004
    lol i saw danzig in november was a sweet show

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    Yorkshire, England
    Looked to me as if he expected the security guy to back him up, but I think it went the other way.
    Political correctness is based on the principle that it's possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.

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    manker's Avatar effendi
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    I wear an Even Steven wit
    he has to be about 50 or so now doesn't he. poor guy
    I plan on beating him to death with his kids. I'll use them as a bludgeon on his face. -

    --Good for them if they survive.

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    so no one knows whats up with FC
    guess he just lurks every now and then, he was the only OG member I cared about its a shame he left

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    Originally posted by muchspl2@16 July 2004 - 03:08
    so no one knows whats up with FC
    guess he just lurks every now and then, he was the only OG member I cared about its a shame he left
    Have not seen him in along time,i think he's gone for good.

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    Some aliens must have abucted him for his wee wee.

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    that sucks, and I don't have soul seek yet so guess we lost another OG member

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