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Thread: Complete Novice Needs Port Forwarding Explained

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    I looked how to do it and dont get for one how to find out what a router is let alone how to find it on my pc and how to get further than step 2 of this how to guide. how do i get internet explorer up. i have a idsl connection. Have included the guide for you to look at. I know i sound terribly dumb but i am really new to the pc so am still learning how to use it can anyone help.


    my How To Port-Forward With a Linksys Router (WinXP Vers 1.2)

    1.) Find your "Gateway" Ip. This can be done many ways, in this guide I was describe one.

    2.) Start > Run > Type "CMD" (without qoutes) and hit enter > Command prompt will come up (black screen)>Type "ipconfig" (without qoutes) and hit enter.

    3.) Now open up Internet Explorer (IE for short) and in the address bar
    type your gateway IP.

    4.) Hit enter and you should get a password prompt.

    5.) Now depending on who has messed with your router before there is a
    default password. Many including the most common "admin" or "admn" if
    you try either and no luck, then reset your router. There is a small button
    on the back that says "RESET", press and hold for 45 seconds.

    6.) Now you should be at the "Setup" page, Depending on the
    firmware version your page my look different from mine.o get

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    forward 6881-6889
    look here for detailed instructions for your router


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