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Thread: The Oc

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    hey i am starting to reely like this show but where i am geting the eps from is reely slowing down 0.20k

    i the way ep 1x02 ended on a cliff hanger and i wonted to know if sum one that has 1x03 cood send it to me plz nomill i wood not ask u see but my mum is old and and sick with pneumonia and cood die at aney time and she wonts to see what happonds

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    IKE i have been registered long be for you so i know about irc and all that

    Thank you but i looked on irc thay dont have it there i am looking for 1x03 and the copy thay have on nova is slow 0.19k

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    If you prefer "classical" filesharing networks:

    There is also a little description for every episode... maybe usefull

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    Thanks for that site

    that site is poot to gethere well
    but i dont have kazza or emule but thanks

    i was hoping sum one was going to ftp it to me or sumthing


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