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Thread: Help Please

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    Hi all, I have just downloaded Kazaa lite my daughter says that it all looks the same as hers but when i click on the search page it says at the bottom that there is only 1 user and no files to share.

    I have followed all the steps correctly so dont know why this is happening, i asked it to search for Elvis as i thought that this would be an easy thing to search for but nothing

    Can anyone shed any light on what is wrong?

    Thanks in advance for any :helpsmile:

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    Vargas's Avatar gone fishin'
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    the poopdeck
    turn off "become a supernode"
    and share some files

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    You're probably being a supernode
    Go to your K-lite options and untick "force being a supernode".

    That should solve it.

    One other thing....try to share some files.

    edit:...Vargas beat me to it.
    But as you can see,people apreciate it if you're not being a leech


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    Wow that was quick, thank you both very much, done that and it works now


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