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Thread: What Is The Best Virus Protection?

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    Apart from not downloading.

    I am looking for some virus protection. Free of course (as I am a cheap ass, lol).
    A program called stopsign (on audiogalaxy) identified 136 suspect files on my computer, but Norton (downloaded on klite) says no viruses. What gives?

    Norton doesn't work? Norton sucks?
    Stopsign doesn't work? Stopsign sucks?

    Any help at all appreciated

    Cheers chaps


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    i wont use Norton, but i know stopsign is good....

    but i use what i think is the best anti-virus, McAfee Virusscan 7.0

    DL it from kazaa

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    PC-Cillin 2003 (Trend-Micro is corporation) is the best, hands-down. Download and try the 30 day free trial at PC-cillin Trial and PM me about extension .

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    i use norton, never had a problem

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    Run Norton's Live update and make sure you have the latest virus definitions; then run nortons again.
    Avg is another anti-virus program and is free; HERE is their main site.
    With any anti-virus software, it is important to always have the latest virus definitions!


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    Bit defender pro is THE BEST plus it has muphyshield firewall (VVV GOOD)

    use the hash below:-

    Length:8760243 Bytes,8555KB

    Length:40363 Bytes,39KB

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    Along this question, does any body run TWO a-v programs for security? If so, which two?

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    northon antivirus
    once i buyt a folder about computer's
    and the downloaded a program and the link to
    the download when i downloaded it there was a virus
    and i updated norton zo norton uis good

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    I say Norton AV Pro is good enough of a protection. I don't understand why people have problems with it.

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    I agree, NAV is still probably one of the best, I have 3 pc's at home I run Vexira on my file server along with norton and as a backup I run McAfee on another machine coz McAfee will scan networked drives.

    In the past I've run McAfee on suspect files and they've said they were clear NAV then found something. On the otherhand McAfee's fixed files that Norton couldn't repair

    vexira's pretty good for filtering but is mainly used for networks

    I know that doesn't help but as a recent independent survey reported, NONE of the available AV progs catch everything so u are better off running 2, I'm pretty sure McAfee and norton clash if u run them on the same machine

    I'd be curious myself to know what combinations people are running on single machins?

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