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Thread: K++ Download Speeds

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    I have noticed that all Kazaa clients download at your connection's maximum bandwidth for maybe the first 24 hours of use, after that they get slower and slower. I'm on 56k () and on other P2P programs such as Ares I can start and stay at a consistent 5.4 kilobytes a second. When I first started using Kazaa, it always would start and stay at a consistent 5.4 kilobytes a second. Now it starts at 5.4 and within 2-3 minutes it drops to roughly 2.5 and will stay at around that speed. If I Pause and then Resume the download, it will start again at 5.4 and then drop again to 2.5 in 2-3 more minutes. Has anyone else had this problem and know why it's happening or have any ideas on what might help? Thanks in advance.

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    The uploaders leave.
    It's the uploader's fault they're doing something to hog up internet connection.
    Download speed in p2p is never constant.
    Ohh noo!!! I make dribbles!!!


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