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Thread: Problam After Installing Of K-lite Full Codec Pack

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    Until today, I used some version of K-lite codec pack And today I decided to check if there is an updated version.
    So I did, and I downloaded the newest version of the k-lite.
    I uninstalled the older version and then installed the new version.
    Since then, I can't see almost any movie in Windows Media Player.
    I can see the movies in the media player classic, But I want to see them in my standerd windows media player.
    The GSpot says that I have 4 codecs that claims thay can decode the movie, BUT DirectShow CAN'T show the movie for some reason - it don't say why.

    I have windows XP Pro.

    So.. Can anyone help me with this?! I'm stuck and I realy realy need the help!

    Thank you very much for your help!!

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    restart ur comp.then uninstall k lite codec pack.then reinstall.hope that helps

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    Tried that already.. Didn't work.

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    Try this:

    Start Menu > Run > type: regsvr32 quartz.dll and press enter

    Start Menu > Run > type: regsvr32 qcap.dll and press enter

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    Thank you very much!

    It worked just fine!!

    Can you explain what happend?


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