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Thread: Adding Ip To Download From

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    I have a friend that I want to get a file. And we are on the same torrent. Is there a way he can look for my ip address and is there a way i can let him upload off of me? Cause ATM he cant see me.

    We are both using BitTornado.
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    If the client has a connection log you can look and see if he has not, or is not connected to you. However, there is no way that I know of to connect to a single individual in a cluster.

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    Also if you are both in yellow status for any reason you will never see each other...

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    Don't know if it would work but, if you had a server on your pc(like Bullet Proof FTP Server), could he get it that way?
    Haven't tried it myself, done whole files to friends that way though, just an idea.


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