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Thread: Norton Antivirus 03

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    so i've been quite happy with my norton for the past year but recently whenever i hit the liveupdate button, it tells me that it cannot connect to the symentec (sp) site. ok... no big deal i thought for a while, now 10 days later and my virus def's going on a month out of date i'm thinking something serious is wrong here.

    the symentec (again spelling) website is down, i can't access it on my browser and i'm wondering what's going on?

    anyone else having these problems? or am i alone here?


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    Its spelt "Symantec". You might need to re-install NAV

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    You should be able to update definitions from here.

    ~Digital Nirvana

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    Probably your subscription is expired ? I just reinstalled mine yesterday . Updated today no problem.


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