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Thread: Dvd Burner Software

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    yeah i know that some of you know what i am talking about, you know when you bye a bootleg dvd and it has two or three movies on it and it always has that blue menu where you pick which movie you want to watch, well i was wondering did anyone know the name and where to find this dvd software and i also wanted help on getting three movies on one dvd please help

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    Use a program called Ulead Dvd Workshop 2.

    What it does is it lets you set up a dvd menu (like that blue screen) and you can set up dvd clickable items to play whichever movie you want.

    IE if you have Spiderman, Army Of Darkness, and Ichi The Killer, then you would make a dvd menu that has text where if you click on it when it's in the dvd player will play the corresponding movie.

    I just made something simple more just try it out, that's the one you want.
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