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Thread: My Hell..

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    Aug 2003
    everytime i start up windows, I hear an internal speaker beep, I have to hit alt-tab to recieve the following error message:

    Error Message: Your System Has No Paging File, or the Paging File Is Too Small

    nothing works to fix it.

    -> I did everything on microsofts solution
    -> I played in the registry, like in
    -> I heard that I might need the Intel Applications Accellerator, but i downloaded
    all the versions there lowest being 1.12 and none are compatible with my

    the only thing that stops it, is having no page file at all, which isnt a good idea but i cant take it. I dunno if any of you had this problem. Insight gladly taken, empathy too. heh
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    it seems that with this sort of error message that you should be checking the size of your page file(virtual memory) and possibly changing it.

    (why would/should you need to download anything?)

    in WinXP open up your system dialog box and click the advanced" tab
    (start>control panel>system.advanced)

    under "performance" click settings, click the "advanced" tab. under "virtual memory" click the "change" button.

    it should be 1.5 times the amount of physical memory you have installed.

    but if it doesn't exist(don't know why) then creating one may be in order.

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    it might be an idea to check that you have enough free space for the size of page file you have been setting it to


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