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Thread: I Need Help Installing Kazaa Lite V2.6

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    having followed recent and useful advice, I am now hoping for some more help!

    I've attempted to download kazaa lite v2.6 (from the development page) but when it gets to finishing the installation I get a box about excluding adware and spyware and to specify the paths. I can't get past this page as it won't let me check the next box.

    Before installing it told me to ensure that "kmd260_en.exe" was on my desktop, which it was not, so the alternative was after installation to place Kazaa.exe and Magnet.exe into the installation folder, how do I do this as I can't find the installation folder and kazaa lite won't run yet.

    What do I do?!?!?

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    I gave you links to the last official kazaa lite in this thread HERE!!, version 2.4.3
    if you have to use kazaa then thats the one I recommend
    maybe you should try bittorrent or emule :/

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    Go here for info about K-Lite 2.6. The answers are in there since its the k-lite 2.6 form, also if you have any questions about K-Lite, you can ask in there.

    Anywayz, you can find kmd260_en.exe or Kazaa.exe and Magnet.exe on mirror sites. For the list of sites, again, visit the link above.

    Actually, my site has the files u need. see sig.
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