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Thread: Audio Out Of Sync With Video

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    guys pls help

    i d/l amovie of kazaa..but when i play it the
    audio and video are just out of sync
    the video is good quality and its a div-dvd-rip
    is there any way by which i can get it on track
    pls help

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    Which player do you use?

    Try to play the movie with both MPC (Media Player Classic) and VideoLAN to see if the player or the movie is the problem.
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    Try either of these to see if you have any bad frames first: - repair avi's - Video-Fixer what it say's

    If you have get VirtualDub : - VirtualDub tutorial
    There's a way to re-encode and put it back inline at the same time (that's for an avi).


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