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Thread: Large Gamelist At Kazaa

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    yo all,
    Im darky from belguim and new at kazaa lite.
    Im a fatass gamer and have loads of gamerips that i would like to share because
    kazaa really sux for downloading a game.
    It has crc errors,virus or its just the wrong name.

    My problem is i only can share 2.5 gig in a month so i ONLY SHARE WITH PEOPLE THAT HAVE UPLOADS ON. B)
    That way everyone can get the game and it will not be deleted from kazaa.

    SO REMEMBER!!! You need a game--> reply on this topic and say what game u need.

    Current games i share:

    Battlefield Vietnam - TECHNiC
    The Simpsons hit and run
    Need For Speed Underground - CLASS
    Counterstrike Condition Zero - iNSTiNCT
    Delta Force Black Hawk Down CLS
    Delta Force Black Hawk Down Team Sabre Addon - MYTH
    Manhunt - TECHNiC
    Sonic Adventure DX
    Splinter Cell Pandora Tommorow - TECHNIC
    Yu Gi Oh Power Of Chaos Kaiba the Revenge - VACE
    Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos Joey the Passion (c) Konami
    Big Mutha Truckers - MYTH
    Enter The Matrix - CLASS
    Spider-Man 2 The Game (c) Activision - MYTH
    Lord of the Rings Return of the King - TECHNiC
    Bust a Move 3 DX - MYTH
    Starsky & Hutch - MYTH
    The Suffering - TECHNiC
    True Crime - Streets of L.A

    Most games are shared with addons.


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    I was just about to move this but some other Mod beat me to it.

    You sharing all this in your KazaaLite?

    Ppl here do hashes about the stuff they share, check out the Verifieds sections.

    Also, in KLite there is an option to hide you shared folders but you'll
    still be sharing.

    Its going to be difficult to determine is one is just Hiding or
    blatantly not sharing at all.

    So, before you post similar topics, i suggest you do a bit reading aroud,
    you might find something usefull.

    Spoiler: Show

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    if u want 1 to 1 user sharing try soulseek

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    Originally posted by TheRealDave@18 July 2004 - 19:29
    if u want 1 to 1 user sharing try soulseek

    If you want game swapping use a 1 to 1 system, not a many to one system.

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    Originally posted by Guitar-Slinger@18 July 2004 - 19:19
    I was just about to move this but some other Mod beat me to it.


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