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Thread: Where Did "trojan Horse" Get It's Name

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    OK, I'm bored.

    Just want to know if anyone knows how "trojan horses" got it's name. I think I know, but want to make sure.

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    Its to do with greek mythology there in a horse they offer the horse as a present stay there till everyone has gone to sleep then come out and kill everyone and the people that did it where called the trojans
    Want more information download Quest for the Holy grail and Swap Bunny for Horse

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    According to mythology:

    "Seemingly innocuous but treacherous gift from an enemy. In Greek mythology, during the siege of Troy, an enormous wooden horse was left by the Greek army outside the gates of the city. The Greeks had sailed away as if they had retreated. The Trojans, believing the horse to be a religious offering, brought it into the city. Greek soldiers then emerged from their hiding place within the hollow horse and opened the city gates to enable the rest of the Greek army to enter and capture the city."

    Ya gotta love google!

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    OK, your'e right.

    I thought I was a right old smartass for working it own today.


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