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Thread: Downloads Need More Sources?

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    All my downloads say that more users are needed but there must be other users with the songs I'm looking. Its newer music. Ran Ad-aware but that didn't help. Left KL running for days but not one song finished. Tried searching the songs again, found them but they won't even start. Anyone have any ideas??????

    Also what are supernodes for & how do I use them?

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    Id like to know the answer to your first question myself. I resume downloads and they search for a short amount of time and then cut out, or the connect but then cut out.

    But I know the answer to your second. A node is a point that a lot of other connected points connect to. A supernode is just that. Its the way Kazaa arranges itself. By creating its own little network. Sends out search requests and download requests to everyone. Then gives you the results you want.

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    if you try to download from the fakers, klite's ip blocker will not let you connect, and you would have to find sources that aren't in the blocked ip list.

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    Most of my songs started downloading but have since stopped. Left KL running for days but they won't resume. Running KL version 2.4.4, would changing to version 2.6 help, anyone?

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    Whats the Fakers.

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    fakers=people sharing fake files(mp3's,movies,software,...)

    And for the "more sources needed...", search for your files again and keep searching till you got plenty of them.Search till no sources are added anymore.
    This will take some time,but will also save you some time in waiting for it to start dl'ing.

    If that's still not working good...jump supernodes.

    Hope this helps you out a bit.



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