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Thread: Hungarians Have The Most Sex

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    Hungarians Have the Most Sex

    Sex in the U.S. is not be as frequent as in Eastern Europe

    A new global sex survey by condom maker Durex shows Eastern Europeans have the most plentiful sex lives, with Hungarians, Bulgarians, and Russians all reporting having sex more than 150 times a year. The worldwide average was 127 times a year, and Americans fell below the mark at 118 times per year.

    Researchers found that three in four people worldwide say they're happy with their sex lives. But lovers in Thailand, Vietnam, and China are happiest with 92%, 90%, and 83%, respectively, reporting sexual contentment.

    At the other end of the scale, the Russians tied the Finns for the lowest level of sexual contentment (59%) despite Russians' abundant sex lives.

    Other sex survey findings include:

    * Singapore residents had the least sex at just 96 times a year. It was the only country to dip below the 100 mark.
    * Forty-five percent of people worldwide have had a one-night stand, and nearly three in 10 have had phone, text, or email sex.
    * Nearly half of all women (48%) have faked an orgasm compared with just 12% of men.
    * Partner on top is the favorite sexual position worldwide, named by nearly three in 10 respondents (29%).


    150 times a year sounds about right,but I'm American, must be doing something wrong...not!

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    Originally posted by ZaZu@19 July 2004 - 10:03

    * Nearly half of all women (48%) have faked an orgasm compared with just 12% of men.
    To be fair, it's easier for a woman to fake an orgasm than for a man...

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    Interesting !!

    I am Bulgarian but I am left with the impression that people in the states have MORE sex than back home (currently Im a student in the US). And I dont know why its a fact that 50-60% of the marriages in the states fall apart. but observing US mentality, to me, its because people are materialistic and would slo marry s.o. just for the great sex. Aslo, kids in the US start having sex at MUCH younger age and greater percent of the teens in US have had sex, than Eastern Europeans.

    My conclusion -- thius article is complete BS. I think they are writing that just fill up space .... Dont have anything better to do.

    I completely disagree with the main statement of the article.

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    i never trust these worldwide survey's because they is no possible way that they can know everyone's sex life.

    proud to be american

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    more sex then americans

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